Round About You



Volume 2 in The Unit-Activity Reading Series

Softcover or hardcover, 242 pages, color throughout

    Round About You was released in 1935 as Volume II of the “Unit-Activity Reading Series.” Written and edited primarily by Nila Banton Smith, a renown educator in her time, “Round About You” features selections from a variety of period authors.

    The book contains a series of short stories, each grouped by a master subject: Airplane Stories, Stories about Food, Stories of Round About You (Community Life), Stories of the North, Stories about Cotton, Stories about Frogs, Toads and Turtles, and Stories of Happy Days (holiday-themed stories).

    As the official Volume II in the series, the language level is for second graders, with numerous mentions of children in school at this age. The book is wonderfully illustrated by Kayren Draper and the images throughout are quite beautiful, restored to their full color glory.

    This is the perfect book for anyone with a growing reader who seeks to introduce their child to classic childhood themes without the baggage of modern scholastic prose. It is for that reason that we have reproduced this series, to ensure its ongoing availability to future generations of new readers.

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